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Portrait Price Lists:

The session is FREE of charge and can last as long as we need so we get as much as possible images to choose from.

The difference in the package prices is based on the amount of the images that you will choose to purchase after the session. Yes, there is no rush to choose your package today.

Package 1 ................... 20 photos - $165 *

Package 2 ....................35 photos - $199 *

Package 3 ....................All images from the session - $299*

* All sessions are single locations and free of charge Add $70 per additional location

All sessions include:

• High resolution digital images as shot for download

• Single location of your choice

• Basic color correction on the presented images

• Museum quality prints available directly from your online gallery (at additional cost that will depend on your personal choices)

• Proofing online private gallery with color images and a selected few in B&W.


For the outdoor sessions:

Please make sure to bring bug repellent spray and a shoe shine/clean cloth (walking in the park trail will cover with dust your shoes).


• Wear clothes that make you comfortable and reflect your personality.

• Bring multiple outfits. Select a variety of outfits, as you desire.

• Coordinate your outfit from head to toe.

• Keep the tonal range of clothing in the same group; don't mix light & dark in the same outfit.

• Select 2-3 complementing solid colors in tones such as greens, blues, purples, burgundies, khakis, black, navy and denim.

• Avoid large prints, stripes, busy patterns and bright colors - these overwhelm and create distractions in your portrait.

• A black shirt or top is always a good choice.

• Bring appropriate shoes, socks and a belt for each outfit.

• Each person in a family or group portrait should be dressed in a similar color or tonal range.

• For family or group portraits, coordinating outfits is a good practice. Jeans or khakis and a white or black shirt is always a good choice.

• Be sure the clothes you select fit properly, especially shirt collars.

• Short sleeves are OK, but long sleeves are best. Be sure to bring at least 1-2 long sleeve tops.

• Dark clothes will help to make you look thin.

• Traditional clothing styles will better stand the test of time.

• Medium to dark clothes look the best on dark backgrounds.

• Medium to light colors look the best on lighter colored backgrounds.

• Earth tones are best for outdoor portraits.

• Bring all clothes on hangers. Be sure clothes are not wrinkled.

• If you plan to wear a tie, bring an appropriate blazer or business suit. A shirt and tie with no blazer/suit jacket does not photograph well.

• For executive portraits, be sure your clothes are appropriate for your type of work and clothes are clean and pressed. Gentlemen may bring multiple ties; ladies may bring multiple accessories – I will help to select the combination that works best.


• Wear your hair in your normal style.

• Do not change your hairstyle in the days before your portrait session.

• If you want to get a haircut, schedule it one week before your portrait session.

• A fresh shave is important for men. Neatly trim beard or mustache.

• Bring your hair care/styling products.


• Minor blemishes and scars will be removed by retouching.

• Avoid sunburn and tan lines.

• Women keep make-up simple and natural*.

• Avoid makeup with sparkles and SPF. You can bring your makeup to the session.

• Your nails will show in some portraits. Be sure fingernails and toenails are polished and not chipped.


• Keep jewelry simple and to a minimum.

• Bring appropriate jewelry for each outfit.


Props are recommended. Bring props that are a part of your life and personality and/or profession. For example:

• Musical Instrument

• Leather Jacket

• Letter Jacket

• Sports Uniform/Jersey

• Hats

• Sports Equipment (lacrosse stick, bat, football, etc.)

• Sunglasses

• Hobby Items

• Cars/Motorcycles

• Pets (Pets are welcome, but please call in advance. Bring a leash and toys/treats to keep their attention.)

RDT Studio Offers a Full Photo Retouching: RDT Studio offers professional image retouch:  $10 per image. Please contact Nataliya for example gallery link.- Lessen smile lines and wrinkles - Smoothing the skin tones - Whiten teeth - Use the "skinny tool" - Remove blemishes and stray hairs - Head swaps - Ask for more!

How the session process will proceed?

Step 1

Please start booking your session with filling "Request a Quote" form. Please email call or text: 1.925.308.6355 to schedule your photo session. For faster response, please give me a call or sms.

Step 2

We will discuss your session in deep details over the phone or emails: find a location for the session, think about your outfit, photography props, etc.

Step 3

Photo session time! We will meet at the specified location.

Step 4

You will receive an email invitation within 72 hours to your online gallery proofing with an option to tag your favorite images. At this point you can choose images for additional Professional Photoshop retouch ($10 per image).

Step 5

Payment. Pay for your session. The $ amount depend on your package choice. Nataliya will unlock your gallery for download and start working on the image edits.

Step 6

Nataliya will upload edited images back into your gallery and email the invitation to download your images. This is when you can order your museum quality prints online and download high resolution digital image copies. Make sure to backup the images on external drive, cloud, or DVD disk. Nataliya will hold your online gallery for 12 month, then erase it from her drives, servers, and website.

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