Newborn Photography Pricing:

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There is nothing sweeter than a newborn baby. Those first few weeks will fly by, and you’ll want to capture every inch of your perfect, teeny-tiny human.

Newborn sessions are scheduled in baby’s first two weeks and I can come to your house or you can use convenience of my home studio. We’ll capture sweet images of baby alone, plus family photos. I only accept a limited number of newborns per month. Contact me before baby is due to get on my calendar.

Newborn Portrait Price Lists:

The session is FREE of charge and can last as long as we need so we get as much as possible images to choose from. The difference in package prices is based on the amount of the images that you will choose to purchase after the session. Yes, there is no rush to choose your package today.

Profesional Image Retouch

RDT Studio offers professional image retouch: $10 per image. Please contact Nataliya for example gallery link.

Package 1 .................................................................

20 edited photos $299 *

Package 2 .................................................................

35 edited photos $399 *

Package 3 ...................................................................

All images from the session $499*

* All sessions are single locations and free of charge Add $70 per additional location

All sessions include:

• High resolution digital images as downloads

• Location of your choice

• Basic post-processing and minor retouching on the presented images

• Museum quality prints available directly from your online gallery (at additional cost that will depend on your personal choices)

• Proofing online private gallery with color images and a selected few in B&W.


Your session, or what to expect:

Step 1

Please start your session booking HERE.

Step 2

We will discuss your session in deep details over the phone and emails:  location for the session, think about your outfit, photography props, and etc.

Please read: Prepping for a Successful Newborn Session.

Step 3

Photo session time! 

Session take place in my home studio located in Discovery Bay, California or at the comfort of your own home. My studio is  set up for family and newborn photography and this is where I have all of the props and accessories that you see used in my photos. On average a newborn session will last approximately two- three hours. Taking small breaks for feedings and diaper changes is expected during your session and this is included in the three hour time frame. The newborn session may include the newborn and two adults (parents or caregivers). Due to the limited size of the studio and need for a quiet environment, siblings and other individuals cannot be accommodated during the newborn session. For clients that do want sibling shots, the siblings may come for the last half hour of your session which is when I typically shoot any family shots.

Step 4

You will receive an email invitation within 48 hours to your online gallery proofing with an option to tag your favorite images. At this point you can choose images for additional Photoshop retouch ($10 per image). The amount of chosen images depend on your choice of the Photo Package (see above Package Options).

Step 5

Payment. Pay for your session here. The $ amount depend on your package choice. Next, Nataliya will unlock your gallery for download and start working on the image edits.

Step 6

After the Step 5, Nataliya will upload the edited images back into your gallery and email you   invitation to download your images. This is when you can order online your museum quality prints and download high resolution digital image copies. Make sure to backup the images on external drive, cloud, or  on DVD disk. Nataliya will hold your online gallery for 12 month, then erase it from her drives, servers, and website.

Have Questions? 

Email, Call or text: 1.925.308.6355

Ready to schedule your session?  Start the process with  New Client questionnaire.

I will contact you within 48 hours, soon after you submit the form, to discuss the details of your session. There is no down payment or session fee. There is no pressure to choose your package today. I give you the freedom to decide later, after you review your shots.

What makes RDT Studio special?  

Top Safety Standards

Nataliya's #1 priority is you and your baby's safety. She take every precaution possible to prevent injury or illness. All of the props are inspected upon purchase, and again prior to every single use. There is always a spotter with your baby to prevent any accidental falls or injury, and to support baby when needed. Nataliya do not attempt any pose that is unsafe; instead she utilize composite images. She do not push baby into any pose that puts them in discomfort or pain, or further than their motor skills levels.  

No Session Fee

That's right: No session fee. Nataliya strongly believe that her work speaks for itself, and that every penny should be spent on art pieces.  Her unique photography style is Pure, Natural & Timeless, and her portraits are in rustic, neutral and organic hues. She love combining luxurious textures with your newborn's silky skin, and incorporating pops of colours to compliment your home décor. The images she  create are meant to withstand time, last through fads, and forever be cherished. Her goal is to make your little miracle the star of the image, and with her customization options, the possibilities are endless.

Free Consultation

Nataliya's free no-obligation, personalized consultation service allows you to discuss session details with the photographer and get recommendations for the best session type and collections for your family's needs and desires. She guide you through the entire process from first contact to picking up your print products after your session.

Guaranteed Availability

When you book your session in advance, Nataliya guarantee her availability for your birth story or newborn session. Babies have a mind of their own, and they arrive when they feel like it. Whether your newborn arrives before, spot on, or after your estimated due date, she will make room for you and your baby in her portrait schedule. In order to be able to offer this unique service, she only accept a limited number of bookings as to be flexible to baby's schedule, and make room for all her clients.

Re-Shoot Guarantee

Newborn Photography Re-Shoot Guarantee is a personalized service  offered to the newborn clients. From your Newborn Portrait Session, Nataliya guarantee that she can capture a minimum of 5 great and unique images to include in your session's proofing gallery. This means that you could hang all 5 of these images side-by-side in your home, with no duplicates. If she is unable to capture the minimum number of portraits, she will schedule a second session at no additional charge in order to fill your gallery.

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To explore more galleries please send an email request to Nataliya.

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