Children Photography Price Lists

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The session is FREE of charge and can last as long as we need so we get as much as possible images to choose from. The difference in package prices is based on the amount of the images that you will choose to purchase after the session. Yes, there is no rush to choose your package today.

Package 1 ..............................20 photos $165 *

Package 2 ..............................35 photos $199 *

Package 3 ..............................All images from the session  $299*

* All sessions are single locations and free of charge Add $70 per additional location

All sessions include:

• High resolution digital images as downloads

• Location of your choice

• Basic retouching on presented images

• Museum quality prints available directly from your online gallery (at additional cost that will depend on your personal choices)

• Proofing online private gallery with color images and a selected few in B&W.

How the session process will proceed?

Step 1

Please start your session booking with filling "Quote" form.

Next, email call or text: 1.925.308.6355 to scedule your photo session.

Step 2

We will discuss your session in deep details over the phone and emails: find a location for the session, think about the outfit and photography props, etc.

Step 3

Photo session time! We will meet at the specified location

Step 4

You will receive an email invitation within 48 hours to your online gallery proofing. At this point you can choose images for additional Photoshop retouch ($10 per image). The amount of chosen images depend on your choice of the Photo Package (see above Package Options).

Step 5

Payment. Pay for your session. The $ amount depend on your package. Nataliya will unlock your gallery for download and start working on the image edits.

Step 6

Nataliya will upload edited images back into your gallery and email the invitation to download your images. This is when you can order your museum quality prints online and download high resolution digital image copies. Make sure to backup the images on external drive, cloud, or DVD disk. Nataliya will hold your online gallery for 12 month, then erase it from her drives, servers, and website.

Profesional Image Retouch

RDT Studio offers professional image retouch: $10 per image. Please contact Nataliya for example gallery link. 

- Lessen smile lines and wrinkles

- Smoothing the skin tones

- Whiten teeth

- Use the "skinny tool"

- Remove blemishes and stray hairs

- Head swaps - Ask for more!

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