Christening photography:

Nataliya want to make sure your Baptism Photography goes smoothly so you can enjoy your day celebrating the sacrament with your little one. She do not believe in a One Size Fits All Pricing Structure when it comes to event photography. Some people need all day coverage while others just want the church.

Some families are bigger than others. Some clients choose to do 2 part studio and church shoots while others do not.

Nataliya don't like to force you to buy books, prints or enlargements. For this reason she work with each client to give them he best price possible based on your needs while providing astonishing pictures that will stay with you forever.

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RDT Studio offers professional image retouch:

$10 per image. Please contact Nataliya for example gallery link.

- Lessen smile lines and wrinkles

- Smoothing the skin tones

- Whiten teeth

- Use the "skinny tool"

- Remove blemishes and stray hairs

- Head swaps - Ask for more!

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