I love to work with pregnant mothers!  Quality pregnancy portrait of you will be a great start for "My baby's first year" photo album. I offer studio or outdoor sessions, shooting in the comfort of your own home, or location of your choice. All shoots include portrait shots, as well as poses with the father or other family members. I enjoy collaborating with clients on new ideas, give me a call to discuss yours!



Please select  Photo-Package that works the best for your budget.


Top 4 Reasons to Have Professional Maternity Photos Taken:

1. Every pregnancy is unique and special. This is the only time you will be pregnant with this child.

2. Once the baby comes, you will rarely be in photos, you will usually be behind the camera taking the photos.

3. Your friends and family really don’t know the best angles and lighting to show off your new curves, like a professional maternity photographer.

4. Pregnancy can be really tough. You deserve to have amazing photos to remind you how beautiful you were. You will forget. Photos taken with iPhones won’t ever make it to a photo album. Your baby will want to see a photo album with photos from when they were in mom’s tummy.

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